Atlanta Mobile Healthcare's  (AMH) Insurance department was created out of need in the community for truthful answers to insurance and medical care needs. A safe haven to get the assistance you need from people who have both knowledge and integrity.  We have combined years of medical knowledge and degrees with years of insurance knowledge to give you the best of both worlds.

Expertise and Knowledge are the keys to your best care. 

Why Chose Us...
Local Brokers NOT Agents

Agents work for Insurance Companies, Brokers work for you with access to ALL insurance plans.

We are not pushed for sales, we are pushed for Customer Satisfaction. 

We want you to THRIVE for a Lifetime.

Not Just Brokers, Senior Advocates

We support and uphold your interest as families and caregivers. You are parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts to us...


Let us help you navigate the medical / Medicare / Insurance systemWe assist in the caregiving role and guide families in all areas to get what they need.  

More Than Insurance, 
Community Resources

We work with state and local agencies, foundations and not for profits to have a network of resources to help you make informed decisions and obtain the needed resources for
Good Health, Wealth, and Life. 

A Trusted Source for Honest Answers.

We Didn't Say We Have All The Answers...

We Just Know Where To Find Them.

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